About Pure Intent 

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Welcome to Pure Intent Spiritual Healing

Welcome, I am glad you have found your way here, thank you for taking time to connect & take the next step towards your own healing, well-being, & growth.

Pure Intent Spiritual Healing offers modalities to help you grow purposefully in your life & these are Spiritual Readings & Hahnemann Healing.

In essence, we all have a life. We each have a spirit & a journey. We are all here to grow.

Each person’s journey is unique, as are the challenges each person faces. Life can be truly meaningful & inspiring, but it can throw us plenty of unexpected challenge & difficulty.


As a Qualified Medium and Hahnemann Healer my goal is to help assist & guide you in overcoming life’s challenges. To free you emotionally & energetically, so you can grow purposefully & thrive. Anyone who has a desire for change, can benefit.


If you are feeling challenged & pondering aspects of your life, wanting positive change, a Spiritual Reading and/ or Hahnemann Healing can help you.

"Fiona's healing touch helped to replenish me at an emotionally exhausting time. Her gentle and respectful approach helped me to relax straight away, I left feeling lighter and back to my more peaceful settled self. I highly recommend Fiona's Hahnemann Healing to others, and will go back again myself." Will, Frankston