Fiona's Story

When I think about my life in review, it’s fascinating to me who I was when I was young, compared to who I have become. There are things about me that are still very evident from then and which still make the fundamental fabric of who I am. Yet like all of us, conditioning formed me in a way, some for the better and some (it certainly seemed at times) for the worse. However, looking back at my life and all its challenges, everything that that has happened has formed me as I am today…. the best version yet (!)…. and for that I am very grateful.


When young, I was an incredibly self-conscious child and I struggled enormously with self-confidence.  I felt deeply but did not find expressing easy, and when I did it was often quite dramatic. I wanted to be heard, but often went overboard not understanding how to control or express what I felt appropriately, nor was I encouraged to.


I was fortunate enough to have largely a private school education, but always felt I didn’t quite fit the academic fabric. I was always very creative (& loved Drama classes!), but also often pondered things deeply. For me, bible study in primary school was intriguing in that it introduced me to concepts such as miracles. My fascination was in the unseen energetic level of these events that allowed dramatic shifts in people and places, and over the years I explored cultures of Egypt, India and Native America. 


My parents were church goers and brought myself and my siblings up in the same way. This included being confirmed, but in the lead up to my confirmation, I was deeply disturbed that the minister couldn’t adequately answer the questions I had about things unseen (spiritually) and its link to life. Many questions were left unanswered for me, and I eventually left religion and explored many alternatives over the following years.


The fundamental question was, “Why am I here? There’s got to be more than this.”



My adolescent years and well into my forties were met with considerable difficulty with my reproductive health. In my teens my gynaecologist recommended I went on male hormone drugs to help with my condition. This shook me to my core and the repulsion I had to the idea made me determined to look at other options…. and so, the core of my physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey began.


Since then and over the years I have received treatments in a wide variety of alternative modalities as well as main stream medicine, participated in countless personal development groups and retreats, explored a wide variety of faiths and traditions, written hundreds of journals, attend many workshops, counselling sessions, mediation groups, yoga practice, dance and Spiritual development groups. Some of this has taken me abroad where I studied at Body Mind College in San Diego as an Alternative Healing Practitioner, trained in Tai Chi, massage and other modalities. It was here I was also introduced to Siddha Yoga which formed a significant part of my journey for eight or so years when I returned to Australia.


Since then, the key to my significant spiritual development  has been through training with Ian and Pearl Rogers of Sphinx Spiritual, each of whom are world class Spiritual Mediums.

Through my work with them, I am now a Qualified Spiritual Medium, Hahnemann Healer and Spiritual Yoga Teacher. These skills were honed in over 10 years of training in a Sphinx Spiritual Development Circle. Such circles were common in the days of ancient Egypt, in the Schools of Learning where working with energy was taught. It has been during this time, so many of the deep questions that arose in my earlier life have finally been explained. I firmly believe I have grown more in this time than at any other point through any other modality used in my life. What I have learnt has provided me with the tools and values I now live my life by. 


I have qualifications in Fine Art (Photography major), Interior Decoration and Design, Yoga and Education. This may seem at odds to what I do now, but in many respects my work in that area was about connecting with people, creating environments that brought expression, feeling and ultimately upliftment to people. Despite many roles I have had in these arenas over the years, it is apparent to me that affecting change in people is what was important to me. For me, relationships are most valuable when they are genuine, and based on a common set of values, that ideally drive positive choices for growth in life.


Fundamentally I believe that we are all connected and part of something greater than ourselves, that there is purpose to our lives, and as individuals we are all responsible for the choices we make and the direction we thus take. I believe in a larger humanity and spiritual force and energy that affects our lives in direct, mysterious and explainable ways.


I am a learner…. I love to learn and grow and am energised by a steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence. I am empathetic and can sense the emotions of those around me. Being intuitive, I care about the needs of others and how I can assist, always on the lookout for signs of growth however small. This is important to me because it brings meaning, seeing another overcome their challenges and find greater meaning and purpose in their life.


I would love to help you move forward with greater purpose and positivity in your life and assist you with your healing journey.


With love


Fiona xx